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Protect your system against various malware threats, Trojans, and even adware
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Reason Core Security is intended to protect your system against various malware threats, Trojans, and even adware. The tool is very straightforward and poses no difficulty even for inexperienced users. It allows not only performing on-demand scans but activating real-time protection as well.

The program supports various types of scans. Thus, you can save some time by searching for unwanted software only on those areas in which this kind of programs is usually found, such as running processes and startup items. A full scan, in turn, is much more comprehensive as it examines the computer’s memory and the data stored on disks. Additionally, you can specify which folders or files you want to be inspected. Moreover, it is a good idea to schedule regular scans so you do not need to remember about manual scans anymore.

The tool includes other useful features. For instance, it can help you uninstall software and ensure no traces are left behind. Likewise, the program can also access the lists of browser add-ons and help you get rid of those that are unnecessary or potentially dangerous. It is also great that it lets you optimize time your computer needs to start by disabling excessive startup entries. In addition, it is important to say that the program can also prevent undesired software to be installed as part of bundles.

All in all, Reason Core Security can protect your system from various types of threats. Moreover, it can improve your computer’s stability and performance. Good news is that the tool supports cloud-based scans, which are intended to ensure protection against the most recent threats. Regrettably, although its developers claim that it can be used together with other antivirus programs, this did not work for my computer, as my AV software repeatedly reported the program’s executable as a potential malware. Finally, you should know that the product is available in two editions: Standard Protection and Complete Protection. Luckily, you can get standard protection at no cost, but this option has the disadvantage of not removing malware.

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  • Finds malware that may go undetected by other AV tools
  • Lets you manage startup items
  • Cloud-based scans
  • Secure program uninstalling
  • Blocks installations in bundles
  • Manages browser add-ons


  • May have conflicts with other AV programs
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